A bit of history

Our aDventure

  • 2015

    The challenge


    Preparation of the dry-cleaning management tool of tomorrow

    In 2015, we prepared the release of the new Inforum product for textile care. New paradigm for the use of the software in your companies. To be continued...

  • 2013



    Widening of our products and services range

    In 2013, Casio France requested us to create Booster Android. From then on, Inforum was able to automate garment dispensers of all brands. We released the first wireless automatic conveyor. GestiClean V10 was released.

  • 2010



    Commercialisation diversification

    From 2010, we have increased our resellers' network. The team grew and the company became more structured. GestiClean was then a reference in the sector.

  • 2006



    The most important dry-cleaning network of the area!

    In 2006, the most important dry-cleaning network in Haute-Savoie, Kunz company, decided to entrust Inforum with the equipment of their points of sale. In the meantime, Romera company became the first supplier to commercialise our solutions.

  • 2005

    Let's go!


    A new one on the market

    In 2005, the Inforum team grew for the first time and decided to commercialise widely the first version of GestiClean.

  • 1992



    A dyer develops his own tool

    In 1992, Pascal Berardozzi ran 3 dry-cleaning businesses and a semi industrial laundry. He decided to take advantage of his expertise to develop his own tool, ArtisanPressing.

Inforum Members


Over 700 points of sale are now equipped with our software solutions, that is to say several thousands of users in over 15 countries. These customers include around ten major accounts and chains of 2 to over 40 points of sale with centralised data.

Inforum Members

Our structure and expertise allow us to assist either small points of sale or more complex organisations such as franchises or chains, with our several applications:    

  • GestiClean: complete management system specialised in dry-cleaning
  • Booster: appropriate software for small-sized dry-cleaning businesses looking for a simple and basic solution         
  • BrooClean: complete management software for small-scale laundries

Inforum Members

We work with the main players of the sector: resellers, distributors, manufacturers.

Inforum Members

Our software solutions are designed and developed specifically for dry-cleaning and laundry activities.

Scalable software

Our development team works on software evolutions on a daily basis. These evolutions are performed according to both requests shared by our customers and the evolutions of the market.

Specific development

Specific requests lead to customised developments. These developments lead to an extension of the basic software or the creation of a separate application.

Project support

We also can assist you by designing new features you need in your business...
Example: tools of production control with scanners assigned to production operators.