2016 Finance Act


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Inforum's decision

Concerning the users of the GestiClean software, version V8, V9 or V10, we guarantee  the compliance upgrade of the last version GestiClean V10 and the delivery of individual certificates in December 2017 at the latest.

As a customer, what does it imply for you?
Find the answers below according to your situation!

GestiClean V10 users

Users with support contract

We provide you a link to upgrade your GestiClean V10 software to the version in compliance with the law. This upgrade will be included in your support contract. 

Users without support contract

The compliance upgrade will be performed on your request, and will be charged 145€ before VAT (Inforum's standard update price).

GestiClean users, versions prior to V10

The users working on a version prior to V10 will need a software migration. 

Users with support contract

V10 migration price: 390€ before VAT

Users without support contract

V10 migration price: 490€ before VAT

Migrations will be performed by appointment with our technical department. The customer will need an internet connection.

What the law states:
Compliance, certification and certificate

France has reinforced the fight against VAT fraud for several years. Provisions of the 2016 finance law  n°2015-1785 of December 29, 2015 - Article 88  establish the obligation for professionals subject to VAT to prove the use of a secured cash management system. This obligation will enter into force on January 1st, 2018. Besides, the law provides for a monetary fine of 7,500€ for any non-compliant system, with a regularisation of 60 days.

There are 2 types of certificates to prove the compliance of the software used. The individual certificate is provided by the publisher, and the compliance certificate is delivered by an accredited body. See  the summary of October 7, 2016 from the legal and administrative information department  here

For more information, please read the following document (FAQ):

Obligation to use certified cash management software