Inforum’s partnership with Paris Ouest Assurances

When your specialized suppliers create synergies...

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Leading insurance company in the dry cleaning sector

As the leading company in the dry cleaning sector for over 25 years, Paris Ouest Assurances insures dry cleaners all over France and has developed a service dedicated to the management of specific files in the profession.

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David Berardozzi & François Leger

We met on October 1st, 2019 to formalize our partnership. The goal is to work together to provide you with grouped commercial offers as well as a direct integration of your insurer’s report management process in GestiClean.

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Software editor specialized in Dry cleaning & Laundry

Inforum is leading the French market with GestiClean, a software program specialized in dry cleaning. Inforum develops complete software solutions for the textile care market, dry cleaners and laundries, but also for profiles like shoe repair shops, concierge service…

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Multiple-risk insurance 100% DRY CLEANING PROFESSION

Paris Ouest Assurances insures dry cleaners all over France with:
- Complete warranties for your shop
- Compensation at full replacement value with no indirect loss
Specific warranties designed for dry cleaners

A very low deductible: €60 for each litigation, whatever the number of garments concerned!


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GestiClean – Software Specialized in Dry cleaning

Complete tool used by over 900 dry cleaners daily in France and abroad:
- User-friendly
- Complete and customizable tool
- Technical support contract as an option


The complaint report of Paris Ouest Assurances

will be soon available in GestiClean